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What is NUJ Book Branch?

A Trade Union: NUJ Book Branch is a member branch of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). Our members are editors, writers, HTML designers, graphic designers, photographers, and marketing, advertising, editorial systems and production staff working in book and electronic publishing.

Recognised: Many publishing houses recognise the NUJ. This means that the NUJ negotiates with the employer on salaries, hours, time off, sick pay, parental leave and equal treatment for all. It also means that employers must consult the NUJ on health and safety, redundancies, and changes arising from a take-over or merger - a common occurrence in modern publishing. It's been shown in study after study that employees in workplaces with union recognition are safer, better paid, and better informed.

Protective: Where the NUJ isn't recognised by the employer, we protect our members' individual employment rights, give advice on rights at work and, where necessary, represent members in grievance or disciplinary proceedings. All members have immediate access to the Union's full-time officials and the services of the in-house legal team. Through recruitment and representation in unrecognised workplaces we also aim to achieve union recognition in the future.

Representative: NUJ Book Branch also represents freelances working in publishing. The NUJ publishes the Freelance Directory and Fees Guide, we chase bad payers, and we lay on our own courses for freelances to maintain old and to develop new skills. Freelances have access to a specialist freelance adviser and help with contracts and copyright. NUJ Book Branch is also a forum for discussing freelance issues with other freelances and a link with staff members.

Collective: NUJ Book Branch is affiliated to the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and, through the national NUJ, to the TUC and the International Federation of Journalists. The NUJ is not affiliated to any political party.

Reasons to Join


We are there to defend you if you run into trouble at work: the union is only a phone call away.


We provide inexpensive training courses on Quark, HTML, commissioning and other publishing skills.


Hundreds of members have benefited from our free legal advice service. And, where necessary, the union will take court action.


We were the first union to warn of the dangers of RSI and have helped hundreds of sufferers. The union gives expert advice and can check your workplace for safety.


If you lose your job, the NUJ can help with its vacancies register and unemployment benefit. If there's a serious problem, NUJ charities can make grants.


The NUJ was at the forefront of the campaign for employee rights which led to the Employment Relations Act.


The NUJ offers practical advice so that you can be sure your employer is making the most of your money.